Jenna joined the Baggins team in 2014, meaning her tenure in the Baggins biz is nearing three years. So, just how many pairs of shoes has she managed to add to her collection during that time? Well, she won’t say exactly—she’ll only share with us a few of her favourite pairs thus far, starting with the Vans Palisades Tweed Polka Dots.

vans womens palisades

If you're looking for the perfect ballet style flat to put on your Christmas wish list this year, you found ‘em with these. With a polka-dotted tweed canvas upper, these adorable flats are ready for any outfit. An UltraCush foam insole provides unbelievable comfort.

Vans Palisades are also available in something slightly pinker with the Vans Womens Palisades SF Dusty Rose.

vans ballet flats women


When life calls for a sturdier shoe, Jenna is a big fan of items in the Converse Black Sabbath Collection, particularly the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Black Sabbath Paranoid that features cover art from the group's Ozzy-era album.

converse chucks black sabbath

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Along with the vast variety of shoes the shop carries, Jenna is also loving that Baggins is more than just a shoe shop, featuring accessories like Stance socks and Herschel backpacks to make life that much easier.

One of Jenna’s top Herschel picks is the minimalist and easy-to-match Raven design. Already rocking the Herschel Strand Bag 600d Poly Raven Crosshatch, Jenna is eyeing up the Herschel Little America Backpack Poly Rubber Raven Crosshatch this Christmas.

herschel little america poly rubber

So, now that we know what Jenna loves, are you curious to see if it’s the same as what her customers want? Indeed!

“These days, people are always asking for Chuck II’s , 70’s Re-issues , and the Vans Lite Series,” Jenna says of what the store’s been getting the most requests for, adding that she, too, is quite in love with the 70’s Re-issues at the moment.

converse 70s shield canvas

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We are loving these two shining examples of the Converse 70’s Re-issues. Their style and grace are enough to demonstrate why this line is so popular these days:

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star '70 Hi Top in Shield Canvas Twill Blue Lagoon are a gorgeous shoe and the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star '70 Wool Hi Top in Black/Egret are as stylish as they are functional with their modern twist: memory foam inserts.

converse 70s high tops

As part of her role as Operations Manager, Jenna helps make sure the store is fully stocked with plenty of options to keep these popular pairs of shoes flying out the door, especially at Christmas time when people are out in full force racing to get their shopping done.

It can be a busy job at times here at Baggins, but part of what keeps Jenna pumped are the rockin’ tunes we’ve got going on at the job and the jivin’ team she gets to work with every day. Oh, and we can’t forget the groovy shoes and countless accessories there are to choose from when it’s time to treat herself.

Aside from her retail roles, Jenna likes hanging out at the beach and at many of Victoria’s thrift shops where she is always finding great bargains and funky items.

Thank you, Jenna, for working hard & being you!

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