Converse Warhol Soup Chucks

These limited edition Chuck Taylors are a collaborative partnership between Converse and the Andy Warhol Foundation. The collection boasts designs of Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Can printed on both high top and low top sneakers in six creative designs, both in colour and black and white.

Andy Warhol was an iconic visionary of the 20th century, whose legacy continues to inspire artists all over the globe. His ability to merge pop culture, film, music, screen printing and performance (and soup?) opened the creative door for millions of artists.

Converse Warhol Tomato Soup Chuck

“With this collection, we aim to celebrate and foster the innovative artistic expression that’s intrinsic to both Converse and Andy Warhol,” said Damion Silver, Converse All Star Design Director. “Andy Warhol famously created art inspired by American pop culture icons and was a pioneer in utilizing the Chuck Taylor All Star as a blank canvas for his work. From this shared creative history grew our collaboration with Warhol.”

“The Foundation is delighted to celebrate the launch of the Converse Andy Warhol Collection,” said Michael Hermann of The Andy Warhol Foundation. “This unique collaboration honors the artist’s enduring legacy which inspires us to ignore convention and proudly be whatever we want to be.”

Converse Warhol Soup Chucks

A portion of the proceeds from this collaboration will benefit the Andy Warhol Foundation, providing grants to visual artists supporting works that are challenging and experimental in nature.

This Spring 2015 collection was released for sale by specialty retailers in early February 2015, and we are thrilled that we have them available here at Baggins! To view all styles of the Warhol Converse collection and buy yours, please visit the Baggins Online Store.