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Herschel x Star Wars

Herschel X Star Wars- Introduction to the dark side
Herschel is launching into a multi season collaboration with Star Wars beginning with designs inspired by what is arguable the best Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back. Featuring three designs representing three of the key villain characters in the film- Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Storm Troopers. Jon Warren, the VP of design for Herschel, interviewed with StarWars.com and discussed the combination of Herschel and Star Wars to create these iconic bags.

StarWars.com: How did you stay true to the Herschel brand and aesthetic while incorporating those elements that were unmistakably Star Wars?
Jon Warren: When you think of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the stormtroopers, you immediately envision the distinctive gear they wear, which was a perfect jumping off point for the collection. When we began designing the line, we imagined what each character might use if they carried Herschel and pulled specific styles from our product range for each of them, so every set of bags is completely unique. A lot of us at Herschel are huge Star Wars fans. As kids, we would obsess over all of the different movie details, play with the action figures, and role-play these iconic characters so we had a lifetime of imagination to work off of.

At Baggins, we are a bunch a nerds and were absolutely dying to see the bags when they arrived. We weren’t disappointed and we’re going to discuss each bag in detail so we can share the great design elements that make this collaboration great.

Herschel Little America Star Wars 600D Poly Darth Vader
When we think of Star Wars, Darth Vader is the titular character you think of. It makes sense that this character would be featured in one of the most iconic Herschel bag silhouettes, The Little America. This bag features a pin strip body with sold black panels such as the top flap and front pouch, drawing influence from the iconic suit. It also has bright red rubber accents including the Herschel patch and highlights on the straps, pulling in the colour of his light saber. It also has satin red liner branded and created specifically for this collection. This round of bags also has built in rain covers you can pull over the bag that has the empire logo in a reflective patch.

Herschel Classic XL Star Wars 600D Poly Boba Fett
As you can guess each bag draws from the characters costumes, this bag features a geometrical pattern that evokes the angular nature of the bounty hunters’ armor and the worn nature of the metal from various battles during his journeys. The military colour combination is very much something we associate with the Mandalorian. The Classic XL is a large volume bag with water bottle pockets, and front organization zipper pouch. This bag has a built-in tan rain cover featuring the Boba Fett logo.

Herschel Miller Backpack Star Wars 600D Poly Stormtroopers
By far the easiest bag to recognize from the collection, this bright white bag features the stormtrooper chest panel on front pocket, had hits of black to mimic the black you randomly see on their uniforms and satin interior is means to be a nod to the blue air filtration system found on their helmets. The miller bag has carrier hands on the top making it easier to carry around, one small front zipper pocket on the front of the larger organization pouch. It also has a water bottle pocket and can fit up to a 15” laptop.

For the second launch in the Star Wars collaboration, we see Herschel pulling inspiration from the massive hit TV show The Mandalorian, this collection has two offerings a little America and Class XL

Herschel Star Wars Little America Mandalorian
Inspired by the titular character of the Disney+ show, the Herschel Star Wars Little America Mandalorian is a tactical looking backpack with robust clips in place of the traditional magnet snaps. The grey, green and brown pattern is inspired by the armour of the Mando and has a black silk Mandalorian emblem pattern on the inside. The Little America has a 15” laptop sleeve, padded shoulder straps and back, front organization pouch, and utility clips along the straps for easy access to key items.

Herschel Star Wars Classic XL The Child
It may have taken two season to finally learn the name of the child but this bag is drawing from his pod. It has a light canvas outer featuring cream, beige and grey panels, utility strap down the middle, front pouch, water bottle pocket on the side and a fun and bright baby Yoda/Grogu print silk liner.

Which bag is your favorite? We’re excited for this round of bags and the ones to come. Check out of other bags that arrived from Herschel for Spring 2021 and our other accessories’ such as sunglasses, baseball caps and socks.