We’re a quirky, and sometimes nostalgic, bunch here at Baggins. We have created a collection of Halloween ideas that we absolutely love, and think you will too! Check it out below:

1. Wayne's World - Wayne and Garth

Wayne's World Costume

Hailing from a suburb of Chicago, we bring to you a classic duo that never gets old – Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar! Equipped with an arsenal of cool catch phrases (Asphinctersayswhat?) and the classic vibe of the 90s, suit up in Wayne’s signature look. Tuck your hair behind your ears and throw on a black hat, a fitted black tee, some denim and finally, a pair of Classic Black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo-Tops!

Or, slip into your best Garth impersonation with some torn jeans and a band tee with a flannel tied around your waist. For bonus points, come and chat with our Printshop peeps about getting a custom printed WayneStock tee!

Compile a top 10 list (SHWING) and practice your best Bohemian Rhapsody head banging. You’re sure to be the life of the party with your bestie or beau dressed as this iconic duo. Party time, excellent!


2. Stranger Things - Eleven

Eleven Stranger Things Costume

With the highly anticipated release of Season 2 of critically-acclaimed Stranger Things right around the corner, why not sport a retro getup and pay homage to our favourite psychokinetic this Halloween? It doesn’t matter whether you buzz your head or sport the blonde wig, you'll get all the high fives by going as Eleven!

Here’s what you’ll need: a pink frock dress, striped athletic white tube socks, a navy jacket, a box of Eggos and – you guessed it – Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops in Optic White.

Who knows what this motley crew of preteens will get up to in the second season, but we’re sure it'll take us down memory lane of all things 80s and awesome!


3. Rocky - Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa Costume

Tired of being chilly in your Halloween garb? Want more comfort this Halloween? Well, we have the costume for you – the man, the myth, the legend – Rocky Balboa! Power up your Walkman with your best montage mix tape, and get to steppin’ and sweatin’!

All you need to pull off this look is a grey sweat suit, a black toque, a hearty voice to yell “ADRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAN”, and Black Converse All Star Hi-Tops. Get bonus points for finding a matching grey sweatshirt for your dog while you re-enact the infamous Rocky stair scene!


4. Bob's Burgers - Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher Costume

Finally, we bring to you one of our most beloved icons to ever sport the classic Black Converse Hi-Tops – Tina Belcher. This quirky gal sure does know how to stand out with her obsession with horses and rainbows, and her infamous love of butts. If you want to have some fun this Hallow’s Eve, choose Tina. Also remember, you are a “smart, strong, and sensual woman”.

Here’s what you’ll need: a light blue tee, a navy skirt, Tina’s signature yellow barrette, black square frame glasses, white tube socks with a red stripe, and finally, Converse Chuck Taylor Black Hi-Tops. Bonus points for perfecting the Tina groan, and her wicked dance moves!


Finally, be sure to have a safe and spooky Halloween, Baggins Fam!

Stay tuned, more awesome blog posts about new product and artist collaborations coming your way!
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