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Five Facts About Dr. Martens Boots That Might Surprise You

Dr. Martens have been around for just over sixty years. Die-hard Dr. Martens fans may think they know everything there is to know about the brand, but we’ve compiled a list of five facts about Dr. Martens that might surprise you. Learn even more about the iconic brand and pull one of these fun facts out at a party to get the conversation flowing. 


1. The first pair of Dr. Martens was made from recycled leather and reclaimed rubber from Luftwaffe airfields after the end of WWII.

2. The air-cushioned sole on the original Dr. Martens boot was designed to bring more comfort to Klaus Maerten’s broken foot. He had an injury and found that none of the current boots were comfortable enough so he decided to design his own!

3. Production of Dr. Martens was moved from the UK to China and Thailand in 2003 due to declining sales.

4. Each year Dr. Martens uses 42000 km of their iconic yellow stitching and 10 million pairs of their laces.

5. Some custom 54” laces for Dr. Martens boots were made for Elton John’s character in Ken Russell’s 1975 Musical “Tommy”. They’re still on display at the Northampton Museum in England!

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