Why is this such bragworthy news? Well, many of you are probably well aware that big box stores don’t carry much in the way of shoe styles above a men’s size 13. And what they do stock quickly walks out of the store. You’ve got to be fast on those large feet of yours to get a pair, or you need not bother going shopping.

Larger dress shoes are usually slightly easier to come by (at a price!) for whatever reason, but casual shoes for everyday wear are a real struggle to find out there at the mall. That’s why we believe it was time to let the world know that larger sizes of Converse and Vans are always in stock at Baggins – up to size 17 for Converse, and size 16 for Vans.

Guys, we’ve got you covered!

Check out some of the most stylish pairs of Vans available in bigger sizes:

The Vans Alomar (Craft) Dashund/Gum feature a classic gum sole design, contrasting darker brown-coated laces, a mid-top design for added ankle support, and an UltraCush HD sockliner for unparalleled comfort.


Next, the Vans Old Skool Black/White, which have stood the test of time, feature the brand’s padded lining and tongue, durable material, low-cut lace-up silhouette with metal eyelets, and signature rubber waffle sole.


And Vans slip-on fans have not been forgotten with the need-no-introduction Vans Classic Slip-Ons, which are also available in – you guessed it – up to a size 16 at Baggins. Available in tons of colours and endless designs (try getting your own design printed on a pair sometime), there’s an XL pair of Vans with your name on them (literally, if you wanted).


If you’re more of a Converse type of person, check out some of the best Converse styles out there that are available in bigger sizes:

For starters, practically every colour of Converse Chuck Taylor All-star Hi-Tops, is available up to a size 17 at Baggins, making this one of the most affordable, comfortable and iconic ways to keep your large feet covered. As an added bonus, since Converse is known for fitting a bit larger than their marked sizes, size 17 might just happen to cover you if are tipping the charts at a size 18.


Like the Vans slip-ons, consider these kicks a blank canvas ready for your personal touch. At Baggins, we can custom-print almost anything (some limitations apply) onto a unique pair of XL Converse.

Also available in larger sizes and a multitude of colours are Converse low-tops:


Originally produced in 1917, the Chuck Taylor All Star Low-Tops in Black stays true to their roots, maintaining the brand’s classic rubber toe-cap and vulcanized rubber outsole.

And yep, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Tops in Monochrome are also easy to get in XL sizes from Baggins:


While you might not have to care yet about unreasonable large shoe sizes, you might in 10, 15 or 20 years from now, when your children are all grown up. The College of Podiatry reports that human feet are growing (along with the rest of our bodies).

It’s true. The average foot size has increased two sizes in four decades. For women, this means a jump from size 4 to 6, and for men it’s a jump from size 8 to 10. Who knows where we’ll be in the next 20 to 40 years, and at what point our children will max out at?

OK, now back to the barleycorns we mentioned at the beginning. A barleycorn, dreamed up in the 14th century, is a unit of measurement in England equivalent to one-third of an inch, with the literal length of three dried barleycorns being equal to one inch. The size of a shoe is based on a model foot called a last that shoemakers use, which is measured in barleycorns.

Shoe size in England and Ireland are still based on this unit, and the system has somewhat stuck in North America, too. It’s actually a pretty scientific process. Read up on it sometime if you’re ever curious about what being a size 16 really means, beyond the need to source larger shoes.

If you’d rather just go shoe shopping, check out the rest of the items in the Baggins web store, or come visit us in person. We’re located at 580 Johnson Street in downtown Victoria, British Columbia.