To say the west coast is beautiful is an understatement. Mysterious mists, crashing waves, and wildlife we can often see from our windows are just a few of the things that make life in the Pacific Northwest surreal.  Yes, the rain has tendency to wear down our well-being (and our basements) by mid-February, and maybe we actually don’t know how to drive in the snow…but watch one coral-hued sunset disappear behind the coastal mountains and you’ll know why you can never leave.

Surrounded by so much natural beauty every day, it’s only fitting that we find a little inspiration in it. Here are five stunning sneakers that celebrate the ‘best coast’.

1. The Wildlife

Bear Converse

This design by Virginia Hughes pays perfect homage to the west coast with an iconic bear silhouetted against a mountain forest.

Created for Baggins Shoes and The Zone Radio’s “Tattoo Your Shoes” contest, Virginia’s unique submission emerged as the winner after a top 5 voting period.   A stunning composition that’s sure to turn heads everywhere, ‘Bear’ is now available in our stores as a limited edition print. Get your paws on it while you still can!

2. The Beer

Hops Converse


Forget the land of Milk and Honey – we’re the land of Malt and Barley.  With Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland home to almost 100 unique craft breweries, it was only right that Baggins Team honour the fine local brew masters of the coast.

Our Baggins Original Hi Top Beervana Hops features the iconic hops flower on a classic Converse sneaker.  If there was ever a time for creating a scratch & sniff shoe, this would be it.

3. The Art

Hummingbird Converse


Vancouver recently named the Anna’s Hummingbird as its official bird.  What better way to pay tribute to this legendary resident of the west coast than with artwork by another local legend.

Featuring inspiration from traditions of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, the hummingbird belonging to this Baggins Hi Top Original was painted specifically for us by the talented Francis Dick, and symbolizes love, beauty and intelligence.

4.  The Forests

Fern Converse

A forest isn’t a forest without a lush under covering of soft ferns. The signature of the Northwest rainforest, Vancouver Island is home to a wide variety of these hardy, and surprisingly delicious plants.  (Any west coaster who has never had a plate of fresh spring fiddleheads is really missing out!)

The Baggins Original Low Top Fern features a unique dark green design on a low top Converse Shoe that’s perfect for a walk in the woods.

5.  The Colours

West Coast Vans

With the warm hues of a signature west coast sunset, the Coastal Collage Slip-On is ready for a day at Long Beach, or a night along Victoria’s historic streets.  These custom Van slip-ons have been made right here in Victoria by the staff at Baggin’s Custom Print Shop.

Of course, there’s a lot more to love about the west coast than just what you see above. Fortunately, there’s no reason to leave barefoot - our Custom Print Team is here to help you fit your favourite things onto a pair of Converse or Vans!

For more reasons to love the West Coast, visit us in Downtown Victoria, or browse the rest of the Baggins Web Store online for a huge selection of Converse and Vans.