With May flowers comes wedding season, and with wedding season usually comes a mad scramble to find outfits for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Between the fittings, colour palettes and the fact that half your squad lives out of town, even the most patient bride or groom may start to consider an elopement.

Fortunately the rigid rules of what a wedding party can or can’t wear are being relaxed. Whether it’s mismatched dresses, or neon suspenders, there are lots of colourful, creative ways to add a signature touch to your party – and that includes the feet!

Custom Wedding Converse Shoes

Here are five very practical reasons to say yes to a new pair of Converse for you and your wedding party.


Bridesmaid Converse Shoes

Long periods of standing are inevitable when it comes to a wedding, and outdoor celebrations present the added challenge of navigating tricky terrain in stiff shoes.  Outfitting your wedding party in colourful springtime Converse ensures your team can safely make it down the aisle in style while keeping their feet ready for the dancefloor later on.

Trust me, any bridesmaid who’s had to walk across someone’s lawn in spiked heels will thank you.


Converse Wedding Shoes

It’s customary for the happy couple to provide a gift of their bridesmaids and groomsmen, so why not make it something memorable with an eye-catching pair of Converse? For inspiration, check out the Baggins Original Hi Top Wedding shoe!

Baggins Converse Wedding Shoe

With its ability to be dressed up or down, your friends will be reminded of the special day you shared together every time they put their shoes on.


Wedding Converse Sneakers

We get it – trying to find nine dresses and nine vests in fuchsia shade #972 can be a chore.  Fortunately Baggins has partnered with MyWedding to make things a little easier.  Now wedding parties can bulk- order custom shoes in just about any colour!


Even if you don’t follow Baggins on Instagram, it’s hard not to miss the rising tide of colourful Converse sneakers making appearances in wedding photos.

Wedding Converse Bride

Let’s face it, not everyone likes getting their picture taken, and there’s always a sneeze or a mis-timed smile to worry about.  Fortunately when it comes to wedding Converse, every side is the good side!  Capture memorable moments of you and your friends in fancy coordinated kicks without worrying if someone’s blinking.


With the Baggins Custom Print Shop, the sky’s the limit.  Whether you’re looking to add the personal touch of a special message or custom photo to your Converse or Vans, the print shop staff at Baggins has you covered! Be sure to check out the Print shop’s Instagram Page for more inspiration!

Brides in Custom Converse Shoes

Your wedding day is a special day, so why not tie the knot on a custom pair of Converse sneakers surrounded by solemates?

Sorry, it had to be said.

For more options in Converse and Vans, come visit us in Downtown Victoria, or browse the rest of the Baggins Web Store. You’ll love our fast shipping times and no-hassle return policy just as much as you love our HUGE selection!