The only thing better than Converse sneakers?

Converse sneakers that you designed yourself.

Over the years, I’ve seen just how creative you humans can be. Your Converse have been painted, sketched, bedazzled, tie-dyed, embroidered, mustached and a million other things that made them truly yours.

And now, you can finally put down the Crayolas and order a pair of custom shoes online. Just pick your style, upload your image, throw a few details our way (if you want), and we’ll take care of the rest. Even I can do it, and I’m a cat.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from decades of being eye-level with shoes, shoes, and nothing but shoes, it’s this: There’s nothing you shouldn’t put on a shoe. Except maybe your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

So if you’re thinking about designing your own custom kicks, here are a few Fraidy-approved ideas to get you started:


That Instagram you love so much

That artsy-fartsy nature shot? Amazing. The concert close-up of your rock idol? Even better. That 7-pound hamburger you conquered in Cabo? Best idea yet.

If you can put it on Instagram, you can put it on a shoe. And besides, Instagram really doesn’t need any more food selfies, feet-on-the-beach selfies, pet selfies or selfies of any kind. Your Converse shoes do, however. Especially cat selfies.


Your kid’s cat drawing

Even though your child’s artistic talents will never surpass those of Svetlana Petrova, their artwork is still special (because you love them to bits, not necessarily because it’s gallery-worthy).

So why not slap it on a shoe and show the world how much you adore your family? Besides, it’s time to reclaim your refrigerator door.


Your business logo

Got the brochure blues? Take your logo to the next level with a custom pair of Converse designed especially for your business. Your entire staff can get in on the action (who wouldn’t want to wear comfy, stylish shoes?) and die-hard fans will appreciate the opportunity to show the world just how much they love you. Plus, it’s a surefire way to get people talking.


Happy about Marriage ... and Custom Converse Sneakers


Just married!

Your wedding day is the one day of your life that’s all about you (and your bride/groom, of course…but mostly about you). You can do whatever you want and wear whatever you want, so why not throw on a pair of one-of-a-kind Chucks under your wedding gown? Or finish off your tux with some custom low-tops? Or outfit your entire wedding party in something they’ll actually—wait for it—wear again?

You can put whatever you want on the shoes: your names, your vows, a cute inside joke, your significant other’s face, or something totally random (just because you can).

My face

Someone once mistook me for Matt Damon. For real. I was a little offended because I usually get Mark Wahlberg, but I’ll take it.

That said, who wouldn’t want my face on a pair of Converse? You’ll get to see my handsome mug a million times a day! But if you think it’ll make your boyfriend jealous, you can always put your own cat’s face on them. Or your dog, or fish, or whatever you snuggle with at night. That’s cool too.

And there you have it! A few ideas to make you the envy of all your friends. If you’re ready to get started, head on over to our Create Your Own Kicks page. Even if your idea isn’t quite formed yet, no worries. We can help you out! Just give us a shout and one of our lovely human staff members will bring your idea to life. I’d do it myself, but I’m a cat, not a graphic designer. C’mon now.

Images courtesy of Irina Patrascu and Chris Goldberg, respectively.