Vans Snag Backpack (Harry Potter) Slytherin

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Need something to carry your Advanced Potion-Making Textbook in or to store a cursed locket? Then the Vans Snag Backpack (Harry Potter) Slytherin is the perfect bag for you! The front pocket behind the elastic synch is perfect for storing those small ink bottles or potion ingredients. Meanwhile, the large main pocket is perfect for storing your Potion and Defense Against the Dark Arts text books, with several nylon pockets at the back to store a muggle laptop, several quill pockets and a small zippered pockets perfect for storing a couple Galleons or other coins. The checkered zipper and interior detailing, the exterior water bottle (or wand) pouch and Slytherin side embroidering makes this backpack perfect for all your Hogwarts needs!
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Fit - A bit large, ordering a half size smaller is recommended
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