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Baggins Original Classic Slip-On The Art of Francis Dick Drum Design



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Baggins Originals are MADE TO ORDER, and take roughly 7-12 business days to be printed, this estimated time does not include shipping. Please note that because these shoes are made custom per order, there are NO returns or exchanges on any orders.

The Baggins Original Classic Slip-On The Art of Francis Dick Drum Design features the original artwork of a traditional native american drum created by Francis' herself. Painted by hand and then transferred to digital format for the shoes, this design features colourful accents and wildly inspiration artwork. The artwork is Francis' contemporary Raven design, the raven in tradition is the bringer of light. Francis Dick is a member of the Musqamakw Dzawadaenutw Band. Utilizing imagery of the mythical mixed with contemporary elements play a huge part in Francis' life. You can learn more about her, here: https://www.cedarhilllonghouse.ca/artist/francis-dick

Each shoe is made to order with love by a member of our trusty staff, using a patented process at our print shop. Baggins print shop staff makes every possible effort to ensure each pair of shoes we produce is of the highest quality. Because they are made custom to order, please allow for minor imperfections with inking and layout.