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Dr. Martens footwear started as a collaboration between university friends Klaus Märtens & Herbert Funck following the second World War. After a skiing accident in the Bavarian Alps, Märtens struggled to fit his injured ankle into a standard-issue military boot and thus had to fashion a more comfortable alternative. The result was a combination of a leather upper and a rubber sole (an atypical material for boot construction at the time) that would become the prototype of the first mass-produced styles from the brand. After a few years of steady local and regional success, the pair decided it was time to bring their brand to the world stage; they partnered with British footwear manufacturer R. Griggs Group to begin producing styles in the UK. It was at this time that the signature yellow nylon stitching was added, as well as a trademark for their "AirWair" branded sole. The newly refined brand launched the redesigned 1460 boot on April 1st, 1960, immediately gaining popularity among factory workers, police officers, and postal workers alike for their combination of durability and comfort. By the 1970s, the appeal had expanded to various musical subcultures and garnered the brand a "rebellious" image; this interest would go on to carry them into international super stardom into the '90s and beyond with many famous faces choosing their iconic yellow-stitched soles as their shoe of choice. Today, you can see "Docs" anywhere from the street to the stage; a telling sign of the brand's uncompromising commitment to quality footwear.