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  1. In My Shoes: Jenna

    In My Shoes: Jenna

    Some of you have been with us since the early years and while many are fresh faces to the Baggins Fam', all of you are integral pieces to our puzzle. We want to share with you our story, not only our story as a business but of our staff. The real story of the people who make our world go round and make us who we are today. That's why we're introducing a fun new blog feature where we highlight Baggins staff members, so you can see who makes up this amazing team! Not only will it allow you to get to know the real Baggins, but our hope is that we'll get to know you better too! Continue reading →
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  2. Pawsitive Change: SPCA

    Pawsitive Change: SPCA

    Fur the month of July, we have the purrfect way to show your love for your pets and support the BC SPCA while you're at it! All month long Baggins will donate a portion of every sale of a custom printed shoe featuring a pet to the BC SPCA Victoria Branch. Choose from a SPCA branded hi-top, a fully customized low top and hi-top or a slip-on option! Continue reading →
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  3. Vans x Marvel: The Team Up You've Been Waiting For!

    Vans x Marvel: The Team Up You've Been Waiting For!

    Joining forces for the ultimate team-up, Vans and Marvel are at it again with another collaboration for the (comic) books! An all-star roster has assembled in this epic Vans x Marvel collection, featuring superhero favourites like The Avengers, Black Panther, Spiderman, Hulk and more! Continue reading →
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  4. Welcome to the Baggins Fam' King of Converse!

    Welcome to the Baggins Fam' King of Converse!

    This past spring we teamed up with Converse connoisseur and footwear enthusiast, Devin Caron. Hailing from the south, this Georgia peach is keen on photography and all things Converse. By using his knack and creative eye, he has made a name for himself on Instagram as the King of Converse. Devin has united Chucks fans from around the globe with his creative feed highlighting Converse, Converse and more Converse! Continue reading →
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  5. Baggins Trend Watch: Sizzlin' Summer Styles 2018

    Baggins Trend Watch: Sizzlin' Summer Styles 2018

    Keeping up with all the trends and staying fashionable is hard work but we're here to help! Be at the top of this summer's trends with these swanky summer styles from some of your favourite brands! Let's count down our top six favourite trends from Converse, Dr. Martens, and Vans! Continue reading →
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  6. Artist Collaboration: Jessica Croft

    Artist Collaboration: Jessica Croft

    We have a fresh new addition to our growing team of artist collaborators, Jessica Croft of JCroftDesign who specializes in photography and graphic design. Jessica Croft is a local creative with roots that run deep in the world of reading, often creating handmade bookmarks and stickers with quotes from some of our most beloved books and other pop culture favourites. Continue reading →
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  7. Keep It Weird: Vans x Lazy Oaf Collection

    Keep It Weird: Vans x Lazy Oaf Collection

    The Vans x Lazy Oaf collection is a perfect pairing from two kindred spirits. Blending together a playful aesthetic from London based fashion label Lazy Oaf, with Vans 'Off the Wall' ideals, this collaboration is edgy in all the right places. Featuring a delicate but distinct colour palette on iconic and beloved footwear silhouettes, this collection will please the Vans and the Lazy Oaf fan alike. Continue reading →
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  8. Artist Collaboration: Melchor Abubo

    Artist Collaboration: Melchor Abubo

    Recently we added Melchor Abubo to our growing roster of artist collaborators and ambassadors. As an avid globe trotter and creative, Melchor's art evokes a mythos of places seen only in dreams.
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  9. Large Shoe Sizes Available at Baggins Shoes!

    Large Shoe Sizes Available at Baggins Shoes!

    Here at Baggins, we understand how challenging it is not only to find large shoe sizes but also to find trendy shoes at that! That’s why we are proud to carry an assortment of men’s large shoe sizes from some of your favourite brands. We carry Converse in men’s size 3-17, Vans 3.5-16, and Dr. Martens in size 4-14! While not every shoe comes in big sizes, we try to offer a wide variety of cool styles for all your large and in charge footwear needs. Continue reading →
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  10. Vans x ATCQ: A Tribe Called Quest Collab

    Vans x ATCQ: A Tribe Called Quest Collab

    To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe does, rejoice! The Vans x ATCQ collaboration is here! Vans has teamed up with legends of hip-hop, A Tribe Called Quest, to bring an exclusive footwear collection that celebrates the group’s music and influence. Offering classic silhouettes with iconic A Tribe Called Quest prints and themes, the Vans x ATCQ collaboration is one for the ages! Keep reading for an inside look at this year’s freshest collab! Continue reading →
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