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  • Fact: Cats are clean, humans are not. My Converse shoes? Spotless, but that’s because I spend about 11 hours a day grooming them. You humans have better things to do than shift your grooming into overdrive. But whether you’re a brand-new baby rocking your first Converse crib shoes or a seasoned Converse fan, it’s wise to show your shoes some love. After all, they’re part of a legacy that’s nearly a century old. Respect, yo.
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  • Even celebrities can’t resist the classic cool of Vans sneakers. Everyone from movie stars to musicians sport the iconic look, whether they’re hanging out with their families or promoting their latest work. Or...snoozing in shoeboxes. I mean, just look at me! I’m the world’s most beautiful, beloved and talented store cat and as thanks, I have unlimited access to the latest Vans styles. It’s a tough life, I tell ya. But enough about me. Let’s get to the important stuff: the Vans and the celebs who love them.
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  • Ask Fraidy: A Quick Guide to the Different Kinds of Converse Sneakers Fraidy here. Just so you know, I don’t spend all of my time snoozing in shoeboxes and inspecting my paws. It may look that way, but I actually spend a good chunk of my day answering questions from people just like you! I must look old and wise or something, because people seem to think I have all the answers. Oh wait, I do have all the answers. I’m Fraidy Cat, after all, and nobody knows more about Converse shoes (and cats) than me.
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  • The Answer to All Your Business Troubles: Custom Converse Does your business really need yet another promotional pen? Or a customized stress ball? What about a USB drive that doubles as a flashlight? That’s neat, right? No, it isn’t. It’s not neat, or cool, or even memorable. It’s the kind of thing I chuck in my shoulder bag and forget about. Is that where you imagined your hard-earned marketing dollars would end up? At the bottom of a bag next to a hairball and a smushed-up piece of Trident? I’m guessing not. What your business needs (other than an adorable store cat like myself) is something that’ll attract new customers and keep your loyal fans coming back for more. Something that’ll help grow your business and show the world just how awesome you are. And yes, something that people will be proud to show off! Something like custom Converse shoes.
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  • Hello Kitty Vans Shoes 11 Reasons Why Your Next Shoes Should Be Hello Kitty Vans As far as cats go, I’m tough to beat. I mean, I’m handsome, I’m smart and I know how to dress. Does your cat know how to dress? Didn’t think so. No cat will ever reach my level of perfection, but there is one little lady who comes close: Hello Kitty.
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  • I Heart My Custom Converse The only thing better than Converse sneakers? Converse sneakers that you designed yourself. Over the years, I’ve seen just how creative you humans can be. Your Converse have been painted, sketched, bedazzled, tie-dyed, embroidered, mustached and a million other things that made them truly yours.
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  • Who’s Fraidy Cat?

    June 11, 2014

    Fraidy Cat at Baggins Shoes Psssssst. Over here. In the shoe box. Yes, the one with the tail sticking out. I need to tell you something. That pair of Converse you’ve always wanted? They’re here. And those Vans you’ve been lusting after? They’re here too. You’re looking at the biggest selection of Converse and Vans in the galaxy. For real. We’re stacked with more awesome designs and one-of-a-kind originals than you’ve ever imagined.
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