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  • Who doesn’t love a good music festival? They’re as likeable as eating cotton candy at the fair, watching James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke skits, or sunbathing at the beach. One element of music festivals that makes them even more fun and exciting – in addition to the stellar musical lineups, of course – are the fashions that make up the festival, right down to what you’re wearing on your feet.

    The Baggins team wants to see you up your festival fashion game this summer with music festival footwear from Converse. Start by taking a look at some of our top suggestions for hanging out under the sun and stars while you are grooving to your favourite bands and discovering new ones. Continue reading

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  • The days are getting longer, hotter, and awesomer out there—Oh, you already noticed? We guess it’s hard not to. What you may have also noticed is that it’s getting pretty tough to resist not spending hours on-end outdoors, be it at the beach, strolling the bustling streets of downtown Victoria, BBQing out back at a friend’s place, tending to the garden, or just walking the dog a little longer than he got in the long-forgotten days of winter.

    Yet, in order to manage those longer amounts of time outdoors in this near-summer heat, you’re going to need the right footwear. So what’s the right footwear for this transitional time of year? Well, we happen to believe any item from the Vans Surf (SF) line is going to be pretty much close to perfect. In fact, we have yet to meet a shoe style in the Vans Surf line that we haven’t fallen in love with. Continue reading

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  • In the 1970s, the Sex Pistols, a legendary UK-based band, stirred up a lot of commotion for their wild, thrashing ways and controversial lyrics, which led to an onslaught of bands idolizing and imitating their style. A new wave of music—punk—was born.

    Although the Sex Pistols really only released one album, Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols, and four singles, the willingness of band members Johnny Rotten (vocals) / Steve Jones (guitar) / Paul Cook (drums) / Glen Matlock (bass) and Sid Vicious (bass) to go against the grain was enough to get them an induction into the Hall of Fame in 2006, which they refused to accept.

    Fortunately, a collaboration between Sex Pistols and Conserve went ahead full-throttle 10 years later. Baggins is pleased to announce we now have in stock the entire Spring 2016 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sex Pistols Collection. Continue reading

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  • While Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are highly recognized across the globe, so too is the footwear from the Converse Jack Purcell Signature Collection and the Converse John Varvatos Collection.

    Both of these collections are still clearly Converse, but in a more muted colour spectrum with plenty of premium features that boost the longevity of the shoes. The sleek styles presented in the Jack Purcell and John Varvatos Premium Converse Lines make many of them more appropriate for extended wear and dressier occasions than regular Converse.

    Let’s take a look, shall we? Starting with the newest additions to the Converse Jack Purcell Signature Sneaker collection. The Converse Jack Purcell Signature Low Top Inked/Inked/White just oozes springtime, doesn’t it? The buttery suede exterior is pre-broken-in, so you’ll fall in love from the first wear. Continue reading

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  • When people start to sense spring is coming, they change. Thoughts of longer days, warmer weekends, more time on their bikes, and fresher produce from farmers’ markets gets them all excited. We should know, we are people too!

    Inevitably, all of this excitement leads to the purchasing of new wardrobe staples, which almost always means new shoes. Maybe even a few new pairs. Shoe shopping—it’s yet another reason to get excited about spring!

    Whether your old Chucks are looking a little worn from the winter, or you’re just looking to spruce up your Converse collection for spring 2016, Baggins has got you covered with the New Converse Chuck Taylor IIs. (Please note that we cannot ship the Chuck II to the USA at this time.) Continue reading

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  • On a computer screen, 1966 doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago. Like, don’t people still talk about the sixties as if they were yesterday? Actually, truth be told, 1966 was a full 50 years ago! How do we know this? Well, the year marks a very special year in our world. No, it’s not any of our birthdays, but it is the birth year of a very special friend of ours: the Vans brand! Lordy, Lordy, Vans is 50!

    That’s right! This month marks the 50th anniversary of the “Off the Wall” fun and versatile shoe and clothing company. And boy did they celebrate in style. For starters, Vans didn’t have just one party, but 10 parties to mark its big day. 10! Like 10 fingers, 10! We’re talking a worldwide celebration that took place in 10 major cities like Brooklyn, Austin, and Toronto. Other cities on the list included London, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and Cape Town. Continue reading

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  • This spring, we invite you to feast your eyes on the many ways you can accessorize with Herschel backpacks and more at Baggins! In addition to shoes created by the greats—Vans and Converse—we’re pleased to toss socks, sunglasses, wallets and backpacks into the mix to keep you covered from head to toe in spring 2016.

    For a quick look at all of the accessories in stock right now at Baggins, check out our Accessories pages, or just keep scrolling to sneak a peek at some of our top Herschel backpack picks available right now.
    Continue reading

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  • At Baggins, our portfolio is growing, and all of us here are bursting at the seams with pride over all the corporate collaborations we have recently been a part of.

    Many of our loyal followers are well aware of the awesome kicks we create in collaboration with local Victoria businesses, but fewer fans realize that our designs have made it as far as Ontario and beyond! So, with this in mind, we thought we’d steal an opportunity to showcase the many possibilities of Baggins Custom Print Designs.

    The awe-inspiring pairs of Vans and Converse featured here have a few things in common, despite all of their unique appeals: Their designs were all envisioned by others, created by us, and then enjoyed by the public. So far to date, Baggins has had the pleasure of working with:

    * Coast Hotels
    * Conspiracy of Hope
    * Dashbids
    * Delta Hotels Continue reading

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  • Have you ever heard that expression, “You have to learn how to love yourself before you can expect to be loved by others?” Well, OK, it goes something like that, and those are awesome words to live by, especially come February, when love seems to be in the air.

    What better way to show yourself how much you love yourself than with a pair of Vans or Converse? Now is the perfect time to spoil yourself with either a pair you’ve been eyeing for a while, or with a more festive pair, like these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Candy Hearts. These stylish Baggins Originals Hi Top Candy Hearts look good enough to eat! Continue reading

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  • For months now, it feels like on our blog we’ve been obsessed with shoes! We are, after all, a shoe store, so that makes sense, but let’s take a break for a minute here to talk about Stance Socks, which are more than just a way to keep your feet warm, btw.

    Stance Socks, now in stock at Baggins by the hundreds, are a spectacular way to make a statement, whether you’re on the mountain getting your boots on, switching into your indoor-only training shoes at the gym, or just strutting around the office, completely shoeless (only on casual Fridays, right?). Continue reading

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