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Fraidy’s Gift Guide: The Perfect Presents for Everyone on Your List

Ahhh…the festive season. Nothing says “holidays” like curling up by the fire with a tasty beverage, snacking round the clock, and spending excessive amounts of time with friends and family. Oh, and freaking out about all the presents you still need to get.

Fear not, friends. To help you survive this holiday season, I’ve compiled a handy little gift guide that’ll please even the pickiest person on your list. Includlng…

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Marimekko converse

Converse Loves Marimekko. You Should Too

Converse has done a lot of collaborations with a lot of great designers, but none are a fun and fresh as Marimekko.

In case you aren’t in the know, Marimekko is a Finnish design company that’s been around since the ‘50s. Known globally for their colourful, whimsical prints, the brand is all about bringing people joy and helping them find the beauty in everyday life. Clothing, accessories, housewares, furnishings—Marimekko has woven itself into every area of our lives. And that’s a good thing.

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These Cozy Sneakers Will Keep Your Tootsies Toasty This Winter

Not stoked about busting out the gumboots this winter? I don’t blame you. Sure, they keep your feet dry, but they’re not exactly the most fashion friendly footwear. Even when you slap a snazzy design on them, they still look best in the garden. Or in the closet…

Warm feet aren’t a problem for me because I was born with built-in fur booties. But you, my human friend, were not.

Fear not, winter warriors. We’ve got plenty of stylish, affordable options to keep your feet warm, dry and looking great this winter.

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custom converse

3 Ways to Show Your Favourite Band Some Love, Converse-Style

Converse and musicians are a match made in rock and roll heaven. Kurt Cobain loved ‘em, the Ramones practically slept in them, and Eddie Vedder drank wine from a fan’s red Converse after it landed on stage. Even I, Fraidy Cat, have been known to sport black Converse hi tops just like my rock and roll idol, Wayne Campbell.

Chucks are fashionable yet anti-fashion, classic yet unique, and they make one heck of a statement. Plus, they can outlast even the heaviest of jam sessions. So is it any wonder why bands—and their fans—love them?

If you want to show the world just how much you love your favourite band, here’s how to do it, Converse-style. (Hint: It doesn’t involve drinking wine out of a stranger’s sneaker, because that’s disgusting.)


Sport a Special Edition

Converse loves to collaborate with musicians. SNFUBlack Sabbath, The Who, Gorillaz, Green Day—all of these great bands have worked with Converse to create an authentic look that’s all their own. There are even a few pairs that pay homage to the legendary Jimi Hendrix. No Bieber, though (although he did sport them in one of his first photo shoots, when he was still a fresh-faced teen with better things to do than egg his neighbour’s house).

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celebrities wear herschel

Herschel: The Little Bag That Could

Even though I fancy myself as somewhat of a shoe connoisseur, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to dabble in other things. As a fashion-savvy feline, I love anything that’s affordable, high quality, thoughtfully designed and full of unique details. Oh, and it helps too if it lets me carry my laptop and other techno-gizmos without looking like a nerd.

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care for your converse

Caring for Your Chucks: How to Make Your Converse Shoes Last and Last

Fact: Cats are clean, humans are not. My Converse shoes? Spotless, but that’s because I spend about 11 hours a day grooming them. You humans have better things to do than shift your grooming into overdrive.

But whether you’re a brand-new baby rocking your first Converse crib shoes or a seasoned Converse fan, it’s wise to show your shoes some love. After all, they’re part of a legacy that’s nearly a century old. Respect, yo.

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