Baggins is More Than Just Shoes! It’s Herschel Supply Co. too!

When most people think Baggins, they think shoes – Converse and Vans are what tend to come to mind. But here at Baggins, we are about so much more than just shoes! At Baggins we are very selective in the lines we carry. A line must have quality and depth. We don’t just skim a line, we like to dig right into it. Herschel Supply Co. is such a line.

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WIN a $100 Baggins Shoes Gift Certificate!

Do you love your Converse? Do you love your Vans? Do you love FREE Converse or Vans?? Well then this photo contest is for YOU!

All you need to do for your chance to win is post a pic of your kicks or Vans on vacation with the hashtag #BAGGINSVACAY to Instagram between March 1st – 15th. We will then choose the top five photos from the entries and post them to our Facebook page. The photo that receives the most likes will win a $100 Baggins Shoes Gift Certificate!*

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Converse Warhol Soup Chucks

Limited Edition Converse Andy Warhol Soup Chucks!

Do you love Campbell’s Soup? How about the incredible commercial art from Andy Warhol? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you will absolutely LOVE the new Andy Warhol collection from Converse.

These limited edition Chuck Taylors are a collaborative partnership between Converse and the Andy Warhol Foundation. The collection boasts designs of Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Can printed on both high top and low top sneakers in six creative designs, both in color and black and white.

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history of converse

Fraidy Facts: 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Converse Shoes

You already know that Converse shoes are some of the coolest kicks around. I mean, where else can you find comfy, non-dorky sneakers that go with absolutely everything? Nowhere, that’s where.

But beyond their inherent cool factor, how much do you really know about your favourite sneakers? I’m guessing not much, which is why I’ve so generously decided to share my wealth of knowledge with you. Read up, friends. There may be a quiz after.

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Victoria BC Converse Vans

Want To Prove Just How Much You Love Victoria?

Do you love Victoria? Silly question. Of course you do. Whether you live here or not, it’s impossible not to fall in love with our music scene, our awesome artists, our beaches, our trees, and the fact that you can paddleboard to work in the middle of January. And what do you do when you fall head over heels with a city? Creep it on Facebook? Send it some carnations? Get its name tattooed on your forehead? No, you hop online or head downtown to Baggins Shoes and let your feet do the talking.

From subtle adoration to an in-your-face Victoria smushfest, here are 4 sneaker styles that’ll show the world just how much you love Victoria BC.

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stance socks

Fraidy’s Gift Guide: The Perfect Presents for Everyone on Your List

Ahhh…the festive season. Nothing says “holidays” like curling up by the fire with a tasty beverage, snacking round the clock, and spending excessive amounts of time with friends and family. Oh, and freaking out about all the presents you still need to get.

Fear not, friends. To help you survive this holiday season, I’ve compiled a handy little gift guide that’ll please even the pickiest person on your list. Includlng…

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Marimekko converse

Converse Loves Marimekko. You Should Too

Converse has done a lot of collaborations with a lot of great designers, but none are a fun and fresh as Marimekko.

In case you aren’t in the know, Marimekko is a Finnish design company that’s been around since the ‘50s. Known globally for their colourful, whimsical prints, the brand is all about bringing people joy and helping them find the beauty in everyday life. Clothing, accessories, housewares, furnishings—Marimekko has woven itself into every area of our lives. And that’s a good thing.

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shearling lined converse boots

These Cozy Sneakers Will Keep Your Tootsies Toasty This Winter

Not stoked about busting out the gumboots this winter? I don’t blame you. Sure, they keep your feet dry, but they’re not exactly the most fashion friendly footwear. Even when you slap a snazzy design on them, they still look best in the garden. Or in the closet…

Warm feet aren’t a problem for me because I was born with built-in fur booties. But you, my human friend, were not.

Fear not, winter warriors. We’ve got plenty of stylish, affordable options to keep your feet warm, dry and looking great this winter.

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